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Industrial Strength Customer Service

ProShow’s standards of excellence allow us to outdo ourselves on each project, show after show, year after year. While the event staffer names and faces change, our system does not. We continuously accomplish great things with our proven system of programs, producing the same high quality outcomes whether we are in Chicago, Boston, or Orlando!

Gold Team: ProShow’s Certified Registration Typists© ®

"Ask Me"© ® Premier

Customer Service Certification

“Great Job!” © ®

The basics First and foremost, ProShow ensures the skill & competency match for all event staffers in all positions. ProShow ensures outstanding registration processing by quantifying each typist's ability to understand the show specific registration database in advance of on-site registration training. That means less time and work on-site for the registration company. The added bonus is that faster training means staffers start helping guests more quickly. Over 700 ProShow typists have been certified "Gold Team" typists in the last 3 years, proving that ProShow typists performed to our higher standards.

Our uniformed greeters and line monitors are the front line of customer service and in their roles of “walking INFO booth" and traffic control, they set the pace for our customers’ guests to feel genuine hospitality and confidence from the moment they step foot on site. In 1994 ProShow launched “Great Job!” © ®, and since that time, we have rewarded hundreds of highest quality performers. Recognizing achievement and outstanding behavior ensures the event staffers will sustain top level performance for the whole event. Not only do we expect our staffers to be strong out of the gate, but to stay strong throughout!


The essence of ProShow... the open hand of welcome and help.
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