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Time is Money: If you hire ProShow to recruit, job match, & train event staffers using our successful programs and expert on-site managers, there will be additional charges. But there are savings to be realized as well.

ProShow initiates staff cutbacks in slow periods, replaces people who aren’t working out, and troubleshoots continuously to solve issues.

Most important, staffing management saves you TIME:

You don’t have to find a new agency every year to recruit, train or supervise staff on-site

You don’t have to solve personnel problems on the show floor.

You don’t have to train replacements or incremental staff if needed.

You don’t have to jump in and do crowd control.

Guess what? You get to do the myriad other tasks involved in planning and executing a successful meeting or tradeshow!

Using ProShow event staff management equals peace of mind and smooth operations. That's ProShow's added value for you and your guests.


ProShow tradeshow staffing - Peace of mind is yours with ProShow at your side; we fill in the spacdes and support ou with all the details.
ProShow tradeshow staffing -